Taffeta Lehenga Choli

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One of the most loved ethnic outfits for ladies, lehenga cholis, can be styled from multiple points of view that are each as exquisite as another.

Decorated lehenga choli

Vigorously adorned lehenga cholis are well known among most ladies for the look and feel they offer. These fashioner lehengas are ideal for weddings and other such excellent events that tag along once in a while.

Harvest top lehengas

Harvest top lehengas are one more style in the pattern. Subbing the ethnic choli for a yield top, one can test a lot with this look by evaluating changed examples and techniques of harvest best that wonderfully contrast the lehenga you expect to wear.

An Indo-western combination

Consolidating the traditional look with a western impact has been an evergreen pattern among all the significant fashionistas.

Mermaid or fishtail lehenga

The mermaid lehenga is tight and cozily folds over the hips and the midsection down until the knees beneath which it exquisitely flares, giving it the vibe of a fishtail. On the off chance that you have a shapely and stunning figure, this is the ideal style of lehenga to complement those bends and look ethereal simultaneously.

Lehenga Choli Fabrics

While lehenga cholis were initially made utilizing cotton and less complex materials, the development of different textures and the acknowledgment of the considerable number of showstoppers that can be made using them prompted the making of lehenga cholis in touches that add to the finesse of the outfit. From an imperial vibe to helpful wear, you can discover lehenga cholis planned to utilize various textures.


Known for the non-abrasiveness and luxurious surface, silk has been utilized, taking the shape of lehenga cholis for ages. For amazing events, silk lehengas are the ideal choice to pick.


Net is one more texture utilized, taking the shape of lehenga cholis. Ideal for each event, net lehengas offer a great look and make you a dream to view.


Brocade is complicatedly weaved before being utilized, really taking the shape of ethnic Indian wear. With brocade lehengas, you make sure to get an outfit that shouts tastefulness with how it is planned.


Light in weight with a crepe feel, georgette is a perfect texture for any climate. A lehenga planned from this specific texture makes sure to be agreeable and look tasteful simultaneously.